Custom Site Training

Custom Site Training

The supply of our product offering is just the beginning. We understand the need for quality assurance and continuous improvement when it comes to the products we supply. That is why we offer product knowledge and application trainings at the following levels:


Our location or yours, we are able to meet with anyone requesting the need for information on various topics. The classroom environment allows us to provide product information sessions, theoretical installations, product sample offerings, Q&A discussions, specific need detail reviews and review of other beneficial information.


Whether it be monthly, quarterly or yearly, we can help! Allow us to work with your most valuable asset, your employees! This will not only allow for a hands on experience it will also reinforce best known methods, tips and tricks on how to achieve specific and relevant details and make everyone comfortable with a working knowledge of the proper tools. Upon completion your workers will be armed with the knowledge of a proper installation method, and be empowered to tackle the details with a higher level of confidence.


We recognize you will have your own site support services or a contracted site support company for the roofing tie ins amongst other onsite roofing requirements. We will meet your designated team at site and review the properties of the roof systems in place; provide relevant product and working tool knowledge; discuss detail application strategy and deliver one on one training to achieve full water tightness. This service can see us involved for 1 day or several days in tandem with your team.