Front-End Design Support


Our Consulting Service was born from your requests to provide improved control over the final assembly of the roofing application at site. Additionally, this service provides increased efficiencies to the roof completion to ensure on-time build schedule and greater control of unnecessary material and labor costs.

How do we accomplish this together?

First, our technical staff will work directly with your engineers to develop each detail of the roofing assembly. By working together this will provide continuity to your finished product, promote greater watertight integrity and provide enhance cost control.

Our sales and technical staff will jointly review your roofing plans, and provide you with an accurate quote prior to your bid submittal for each project. This identifies all associated costs throughout the roofing assembly, from the manufacturing of individual units to the final assembly on-site.

We use a combination of “your” RoofingSeries trained employees and our on-site Consultants. As you will learn, this partnership provides significant cost savings. You are in control of the labor cost and RoofingSeries has identified your material cost “up front”!

The RoofingSeries Consultant is responsible for a comprehensive review of the entire roof area and determining the scope of work, as well as developing an action plan for its execution. In essence, the RoofingSeries Consultant will act on your behalf in the capacity of “Roofing Superintendant”.

The RoofingSeries Consultant will complete a final review of all work completed, develop a discrepancy list and manage the corrections to completion.

We strongly believe that this is one more way in which our partnership develops cost effective changes that provide significantly greater products and services for your customer, while limiting your exposure to costly post construction corrections.